Gluten-Free Chocolate Pie

Chocoholics, this one is for you. It’s wheat-free and gluten-free (not the same thing, contrary to some people’s assumption), and lower in sugar than many typical desserts. The base of this cake, though, is fudgy and rich, and the other two layers are whipped, creamy, light, and delicious.

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Quinoa Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake.  One of those go-to, traditional, most loved desserts.  Certainly in my book, it is.  This chocolate cake though?  One of the best Ive ever sampled (up there with my sweet potato chocolate cake). This one however has zero grains/no gluten in it.  Its also lactose free.  And though it does contain some sugar, its with a far lower amount than usual cakes tend to have.

Dont be detoured by the ingredients list (this tends to be one of the first reasons I decide to forgo trying a recipe myself.  Too many ingredients or recipe steps).  I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this was to throw together.  And the moist, fudgy taste when finished baking?  Out of this world.  SO yummy.  Almost guaranteed to become one of your new favorite sweet recipes.

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Bakery Quality Flourless Chocolate Torte

Calling all chocoholics!  Another fudgy, rich, impossibly delicious treat just for you.  This one has a short and sweet ingredient list and is a piece of cake to throw together.  The result is a bakery-quality torte that will have you singing its praises every time you take a bite.  Its that good.

Recipe #41 is one of the few I have posted which is not refined sugar-free, but, this one is worth the splurge.  It is however gluten-free, and can be made dairy free if you were to use lactose-free chocolate (your choice).

Here you go.  Happy weekend!

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