The Life Changing Power of Prehistoric Eating: Sugar

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To segue off my last post under this umbrella titling (the topic of which was “wheat/grains”), the life changing (as well as health changing, and figure changing) power of eating akin to how humans were originally designed to eat…

Why are so many of us (a vast majority of citizens, with the number continuing to climb) overweight? Perpetually lethargic?  Why nowadays do our citizens have a laundry list of diseases and health problems, from cancer, to diabetes, health disease, high blood pressure, and more.  When back during the early days of humans, diseases were rare to nonexistent.  Why, especially Americans, are we all about fitness, getting “ripped” and perpetually dieting, yet as a collective whole our weight continues to climb and climb?  Why, most of the time when people lose weight, do they eventually gain it all back and then some?  Why do we eat huge meals and then find ourselves starving again just a few hours later?

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Crash course on Paleo

This particular lifestyle has begun to receive a fair amount of hype over the last couple years, while just recently exploding into major trendiness.  Both receiving lots of good as well as bad press.  Is there any meat behind the supposedly life changing claims?  What are the benefits along with the potential pitfalls?  While not personally following a Paleo diet (though I do dabble), enough of my recipes fall under the umbrella of this particular lifestyle that make it fitting to post a short and sweet descriptor of what Paleo is and why it seems loads of people are jumping on the bandwagon.

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Mango, Apple and Pear Crumble

I think its safe to say that winter is officially upon us.  Would anyone disagree?  The temperature seems to have finally dropped to subzero levels of chilliness.  A fact of which I am a bit disheartened since I love nothing more then being toasty warm as often as possible.  Being within the heart of winter makes this a difficult task to accomplish.  So for recipe #18, I decided to go with a cozy, warm, winter themed dish.

One of my favorite cafes here in Frankfurt is Cafe Crumble.  Another favorite is aptly named Sugar Mama.  Both of these inviting little eateries have delicious fruit crumbles on offering.  I have sampled both dishes more then once and each one gets major props.  Delicious.  Homey.  Comfort food that totally hits the spot on a brisk afternoon. So, I decided to make my own version, except this one is refined sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free.

The great news?  This version is just as tasty as my two favorite cafes takes on the fruit crumble, though thankfully, this is far better for your health.


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