Sweet. Raw. Free. Cookbook

Love recipes you’ve seen or sampled here on Sweet. Raw. Free?

Are you an impassioned foodie at heart?

A health aficionado?

Motivated and inspired toward eating and living a healthier life, though not wanting to skimp or sacrifice on taste?

Then the Sweet. Raw. Free. cookbook is just the thing for you.

Sweet Raw Free Cover

Chock full of eye-catching, vivid, beautiful photographs, coupled with easy to make, top-notch-in taste recipes, all of which fall under at least one (if not more) of the tiers of gluten/grain-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, or raw, this is a lifestyle changing cookbook worth having at home.

The perfect gift for a family member, friend, romantic partner, or colleague who loves food, as well as enjoys topics related to healthier eating.  It’s also an ideal item to have on the shelf in your kitchen at the ready.

Whether you are one of those unique types who loves actually reading cookbooks (which makes us kindred spirits) or is just looking to shake things up in terms of your weekly menu, all while whipping up food that is mouthwatering, totally tasty, and which is simultaneously great for your health, Sweet. Raw. Free. has you covered.

There are several versions available to suit your preference.  A softcover print book, a hardcover option (with or without a dust jacket), as well as an E-Book- perfectly portable and easy to take with you anywhere.

Here is the link for how to get your own copy, just below (you can also find the book by going to Blurb.com and in the top right-hand corner, within the search bar, typing “sweet raw free”):

Sweet. Raw. Free.
Sweet. Raw. Free.
By Brooke English
Photo book


I would love to hear what you think of it, as I welcome feedback and strive to be ever-improving my photos and recipes.  Thank you very much for your support, interest, and readership.  It is what makes this project especially meaningful and fun.

With fond regards and thanks,

your fellow foodie,


For all of my published works, check out brookeenglish.com.

PS. If you’d like to check out my writing, more in the vein of topics such as romantic relationships, friendship, familial relations, health, psychology, feminism, and culture, you can do so here on Medium.com!  I’d be honored and thrilled to have you as a reader.

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