Home Style Macaroni and Cheese


Recipe #7.  Ok, I admit it.  This one doesn’t easily fit into the categories for my websites premise.  This dish is a bit of a special case.  The only claim I can make for it right off the bat is that its definitely sugar-free.  And you can absolutely make this dish gluten-free by purchasing gluten-free pasta!  By nature of the title though, its of course not lactose-free.  Not even close.  However, I can tell you that its more than worth it.

This was, hands down, my favorite dish for years growing up.  I would beg my Mom to make it multiple times a week.  She appeased me on this one pretty regularly (though thankfully not as regularly as I begged her for it), making it roughly once a week much to my child or teenage delight.  Whenever we had this for dinner, it made my entire day.  A smile remained plastered on my face for the rest of the evening, in my comatose state after consuming this deliciously cheesy dinner  (Yes, I was easily pleased and excitable as a child.  Some things don’t change much as we become adults, eh? ;-))

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