Swedish Visiting Cake

The story behind this traditional Swedish dessert is that upon having spotted someone at the end of the lane making their way to your home, you could throw this cake together and have it coming hot out of the oven, just in time for their arrival.

This cake is simple, lovely, REALLY tasty, lightly sweet.  Oh man.  I was shocked by how delicious it was, considering the simplicity with regard the ingredients.  Don’t take my word for it though.  Whip up the batter, toss the cake in the oven and enjoy a slice with your next mug of tea or coffee.  You will thank me later.


A few snapshots from my own trip to Stockholm, Sweden for a week, six months ago in August, 2016.  I ate delicious food, embarked on a boat ride to one of the far most islands that makes up Sweden, took hundreds of photos, wandered narrow, winding lanes, the list goes on.  Sweden boosts fantastical, whimsical, laid back and romantic vibes.


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