Sunday Morning French Toast Bake

For recipe #26, I thought I would go with the lazy-Sunday-mornings-in-bed vibe, being that time of year again.  Once Christmas has concluded, all the holiday splendor, the glittering lights, the nostalgia and romance of this particular month, the remaining winter months seem to stretch on endlessly.  We long for something else to look forward to as the next few months of winter move along.  Am I right?

I have an answer to that.  Breakfast in bed is just one of many awesome things one can look forward to, especially during the winter.  I am thinking long, luxurious mornings lying side by side, engrossed in a riviting read, the covers creating a toasty cacoon.  A steaming plate of French toast, eggs and bacon to snatch bites of in between reading and chatting with your love as one relishes the morning away.

This recipe is just the ticket for the morning I have just described.  Make your own romantic Sunday morning, the details of which you will mold to your liking and preferences.  But this recipe?  Make this part of the deal and you cannot go wrong.  This recipe is both refined sugar-free and lactose-free.

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Fantastic French Toast


Recipe #6: to me, French Toast is the ultimate weekend treat.  Its nostalgic.  Its also romantic, in a breakfast in bed kind of way.  It feels like a sweet, and yet, it can be passed off as being not totally terrible for you.  Even in some cases, reasonably healthy (depending on how and what its made with).  This french toast is fluffy, ever so subtly vanilla flavored, so delicious.  I personally could not vouch for any brunch as being complete without French Toast present on the table.

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