Apple Nachos

Dessert nachos!  I realize this is a bit of a cheat recipe, given there arent really instructions needed.  Still, I hadn’t considered this as a snack possibility until stumbling upon it online, then, like a light bulb, found myself delighted and excited by this new snack idea.  Its surprisingly very satisfying.

And the topping ideas, despite my photo only showing one variety, are endless.

Ingredients needed

-Apple (whichever type you love.  My favorites are Gala)

-Nut butter (I love sunflower or cashew butter)

-Chocolate chips (I like the vegan ones, Enjoy Life)

You could also top/drizzle these in: caramel, M&Ms, raisins, melted chocolate, craisins, shredded coconut, fruit, you get the idea.  Go nuts!

How to make em:

  1. Slice up the apple.
  2. Top with nut butter, then any toppings of your fancy.
  3. Enjoy these fresh!

(This recipe is not good as leftovers.  I recommend one apple per person.  Super easy and yummy).


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