Decadent, Delicious, and Healthy Cakes

Happy Wintery, Snowy Monday, my fellow dessert devotees,

Get excited for a roundup below of the most scrumptious, tastiest cakes you have ever sampled.  All of which fall under at least one (though many fall under more) of the following tiers: grain-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, low in sugar, or sugar-free.

Cake you can actually feel semi good about eating!  Though on tasting any of these, I have a sense you will feel awesome about eating them at that point 😉

Click the recipe name to be taken to how to make it!

IMG_4701 (2)
Chocolate cheesecake.  This version is lower in sugar than the usual cheesecake, by far.  And can be made gluten-free if you desire.
img_4796 (2)
Healthier chocolate mousse.  This one has been a major hit in our home ;-).  With much less sugar than usual mousse recipes, plus Greek yogurt for a creamy, protein-packed punch.
IMG_4536 (2)
Walnut cardamom cake with cinnamon buttercream frosting.  SO good.  This one has zero gluten/grains.  The perfect, lightly spiced, cold-weather cake.
IMG_4574 (2)
Paleo pumpkin pie.  Taking a classic, quintessential dish and making it one you dont have to feel nearly as guilty eating.  The crust on this one?  The bomb.  Like eating an almond flavored sugar cookie.  Gluten/grain free, and low in sugar.

IMG_4493 (2)
This cranberry curd tart contains zero refined sugar (aside from natural sweeteners like honey and maple syrup).  Its also totally gluten/grain free, and incredibly yummy.  A creation by Maxx ❤

IMG_4327 (2)
Quinoa chocolate cake, man oh man.  This might be my favorite chocolate cake recipe.  Fudgy, decadent, rich, moist, SO good.  Without any gluten/grains, low in sugar, and utterly divine.
IMG_6450 (2)
Pumpkin cheesecake, a quintessential New England sweet to be sure.  This one is made with a gingersnap crust.  It can be gluten free (grab gluten-free ginger cookies) if you like, and contains no added sugar, other than honey and maple syrup.
IMG_2482 (2)
Matcha Tiramisu.  A trendy take on the usual classic.
IMG_2278 (2)
This gingersnap blackberry mascarpone cake is to die for.  Light, airy, creamy, so delish.  It can be gluten-free if you like.  Its low in sugar, and lovely to look at to boot.
IMG_9245 (2)
Chocolate zucchini cake, so rich, moist, and chocolaty.  This recipe is lactose-free and low in sugar.
Matcha cake with Raspberries and Buttercream frosting.  YUM.  While this one falls outside the Sweet. Raw. Free. perimeters, its a worthy splurge.  Having received rave reviews during the dinner party which I served it.
Greek yogurt mousse cake, akin to mousse with a layer of rich ganache on top.  Mmmmm.  This tasty treat is gluten free and low in sugar.
Chocolate lovers pie, another divine and decadent, though a silky smooth and light sweet treat.  Its gluten free, lactose free, and uses only natural sweeteners.
Raw carrot cake with maple mascarpone frosting.  This one is gluten free, with natural sweeteners only, and is raw.  Another one that got mucho rave reviews.
Matcha cheesecake.  The green tea taste in this one is subtle.  It can be made gluten free if you like, and is low in sugar.
Blackberry poppyseed cheesecake.  How pretty is this one?  That aside, its creamy, lightly sweet, with the barest hint of tart from the berries, all making for a superb combination.  Made sweet only with natural sweeteners, as well as gluten free.
Earl gray lavender cheesecake.  Another lovely to look at, as well as scrumptious sweet treat, this one is gluten free and made sweet with just honey and maple syrup.
This one was my favorite for a long time.  Sweet potato chocolate cake.  Its hearty, decadent and rich, filling, just so good.  Gluten free, lactose free, and low in sugar, this is a dang good chocolate cake.

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