Healthy Small Bites for Snacking

Hi all,

Most of the items on offering for usual snacking, as well as know, are not great for ones health.  Chips, candy, even most granola bars which, though claim to be healthy, are loaded with sugar and carbs.

Here is a list of snacks you can feel good about reaching for, which dont hit your health with the damage that most of the others out there do:


The chocolate on these crunchy almonds is surprisingly delicious.  Rich, decadent, though a healthy snack for nibbling on.  So yum.


These bars are my favorite to date.  They are chewy, oatey, and gluten free.  The triple berry flavor is also delish.


This stuff is AMAZING with Greek yogurt.  I cant get enough.


Like Goldfish or Cheezits, but without the grain/gluten/wheat!


Akin to those cheese puffs you loved as a child..but healthier.


And, for some additional snack ideas in the realm of more make-your-own-at-home, here are a few more:

apples with PB

Apples and nut butter.


beef jerky

Homemade beef jerky (you can Google how to make this).



Hard boiled eggs.


cheese and fruit

Cheese and fruit.


celery and PB

Celery and nut butter.


IMG_4459 (2)

Fruit Smoothies (homemade is ideal, so you control what goes inside).  Here is a recipe for a scrumptious smoothie, packed with antioxidant laden berries.



Cucumber bites/sandwiches, topped with things such as a sprinkling of cheese, any protein you might like, or other veggies.



For a healthy though satisfying sweet treat, how about bananas topped in chocolate and then drizzled in peanut butter or sprinkled with fruits or nuts?  Some of the best flavor combos (banana + PB + chocolate = tasty childhood nostalgia).



Healthy baked apples topped with cinnamon, gluten-free oats, and Greek yogurt.  Divine.  Find a great recipe for that here.



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