Drink me! The best sips for superb health.


Water.  Seems so obvious that it isn’t worth mentioning, but, the vast majority of us do not drink nearly enough.  In fact, most people going through their days at least semi-dehydrated and not knowing it.  Drinking water is crucial to maintain all your bodies systems in functioning properly.  It energizes your muscles.  Water keeps your skin moist and supple.  It maintains normal bowel functioning, as well as keeps your kidneys working well.


green tea

Green tea is grand for your health in countless ways.  It can improve brain function and help make you sharper, increases fat burning and improves physical performance, may lower risks of certain types of cancer, can decrease your risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson, improves dental health, assists in strengthening immune system, can help lower risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as many extend life.  This is a drink worth acquiring a taste for on a daily basis.



Non dairy milks.  Think almond, cashew, coconut milk, and macadamia milk.  Just beware loads of added sugar.  Go with unsweetened versions.  These are loaded with good for your body fats and ingredients which help your body function at its best.



Pomegranate Juice.  This one packs an antioxidant punch.  Research shows it may help prevent inflammation, heart disease, and cancer.  Its also great for your skin.  Just beware, many pomegranate juices have loads of added sugar.  You want pure pomegranate juice, nothing else.



Orange Juice has things in it which strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, can prevent kidney stones, improve cholesterol, and increase blood circulation.  Again, beware loads of added sugar.  This cancels out the benefits your body would otherwise garner.



Beet Juice.  Beets have been shown to reduce and even extinguish cancer cells in humans.  They are also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients.  Drinking this can help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.


Healthy green kale and fruit juice in mason jars

Kale Juice.  Kale is among one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.  It is LOADED with vitamins and nutrients.  It can help lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease.  There are numerous cancer-fighting compounds in Kale.  It helps protect the eyes, and may even be able to assist with weight loss.

Make sure the kale you use for juice is as fresh as possible to get maximum benefits.


ginger tea

Ginger tea helps with digestion, can reduce inflammation in the body, fights respiratory problems, improves blood circulation, can assist with decreasing menstrual related discomfort, relieve stress, and strengthen your immune system.  Hows that for getting major bang for your buck in the form of a tiny tea bag?

Want even more health benefits?  Google “ginger tea recipes” and make it using fresh ginger, as opposed to an already prepared, store bought tea bag.



Cranberry juice is a top notch drink, given that cranberries have antioxidants in stratospheric proportions.  Cranberries help fight age related damage to the skin and body, improve heart health, can assist in treating UTIs, support digestive health, prevent infection, and can help with supporting post-menopausal health.  Again though, keep an eye out for loads of added sugar.  You just want pure cranberry juice.


coconut water

Coconut water is a great alternate sports drink.  It contains electrolytes which help replenish lost fluids in the body after a long workout.  It also contains a high level of magnesium.


lemon water

Water with Lemon, or Lemon water is great for your body on numerous levels.  Its a rich source of vitamin C, helping to boost your immune system.  It assists with fighting infections, helps maintain the pH balance of the body, is detoxifying, fights the common cold, is great for your skin, helps keep the body hydrated, and when drank with warm water, can reduce joint and muscle pain.  Lemon juice also assists with digestion and helps with dental health.

This is a super simple drink (just add water and some squeezed, fresh lemon into it) worth drinking daily for the laundry list of bomb benefits it gives your body!



Smoothies, an awesome way to get high doses of fruit, all of which containing a boatload of nutrients, as well as helping to quell your sweet tooth while drinking something that is actually good for you.  However, be cautious, some smoothies masquerade as being good for you when actually, they’re loaded with sugar.  Make your own to avoid this for a snack rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, protein, and disease fighting ingredients.  Add some nut milk, a scoop of Greek yogurt, and a large cup of fruit (frozen or fresh) to a blender.  One or two tablespoons of honey can be added as well.  Blend up and enjoy!

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