Throwback: Top 5 Recipes in every category.

Hi all you fabulous fellow foodies,

In tune with the New Year and all the resolutions swirling about in peoples minds and intention towards their healthiest, best selves in 2019, here are some personal top 5 most loved recipes in each Sweet. Raw. Free. category!

Note: Click the name of any recipe to be taken to its corresponding recipe page!

Grain-free recipes

Buckwheat pancakes, in all varieties: lavender blueberry, pumpkin oat, carrot cake, matcha raspberry, cranberry pumpkin, to name my favorites.
Salmon pesto beauty bowl.
Greek yogurt chocolate mousse pie
IMG_9148 (2)
Pumpkin Pie Paleo pancakes
IMG_1702 (2)
Cheesy cauliflower pizza


Gluten free recipes

IMG_3050 (2)
Fluffy oatmeal souffle
IMG_2614 (2)
Six ingredient pumpkin bread
IMG_0554 (2)
Get glowing power muffins
IMG_9448 (2)
Pumpkin cinnamon chia oatmeal
Pumpkin (or, you can forgo the pumpkin in this one) macaroni and cheese


Lactose free recipes

IMG_4493 (2)
Cranberry curd tart (note: butter contains only trace amounts of lactose and thus, is alright for lactose free)
IMG_3867 (2)
Blueberry lavender vegan ice cream
IMG_3828 (2)
Healthy carrot cinnamon cookies
IMG_2899 (2)
Orange zest and spice baked donuts
IMG_2456 (2)
Grain honey mustard salmon (with sweet potato fries on the side)


Low in sugar

Pumpkin cheesecake with Greek yogurt swirl
img_4796 (2)
Chocolate mousse
IMG_2966 (2)
Grain-free fudgy peppermint brownies
IMG_0456 (2)
Almond flour chocolate chip cookies
IMG_9470 (2)
Matcha truffles


Sugar free

IMG_0885 (2)
Lavender blueberry pancakes
IMG_9016 (2)
Four ingredient chocolate muffins
The healthiest banana carrot pancakes
Mango crumble
Matcha French toast


Raw (I threw in a few more than 5 here…)

IMG_3488 (2)
Raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough
IMG_2994 (2)
Pistachio and fennel kale salad
raw carrot cake
Raw carrot cake with cashew cream frosting
Superfood pesto sauce
Pomegranate and dark chocolate vegan chips– best snack ever
No-bake berry cheesecake
Chia pudding
Watermelon and feta salad
Raw carrot cake with maple mascarpone frosting


For interest in a whole book of recipes, both similar to as well as including the ones offered above, as well as engaging and entertaining essays on the topics of brunching, dessert, and more, check out the Sweet. Raw. Free. cookbook!

You can snag a copy of your own here!

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