Hot Health Reads for the New Year!

In tune with the healthier, “new” you for 2019, here are some of the hottest health reads on which you can count on with leading you towards your healthiest, most glowing, feel awesome self!


hungry for change

There has been significant discussion of shifting knowledge and new research coming to light about what are truly healthful foods for us to be consuming, versus what are more harmful items to be eating.  We hear it all, especially certain contradictory messages, from meat as being terrible for our hearts, to then our being encouraged to consume such in abundance.  What might be the truth?  How can we decipher what is good for us or not?  This can be a tough thing to parse out, as the topic of nutrition is such a wide ranging and ever expanding one, with new research coming to light almost weekly on such.  For assistance with understanding nutrition, this can be a great introductory read: Hungry for Change: Ditch the Diets, Conquer the Cravings, and Eat your way to Lifelong Health” by James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch.


why we get fat

Another health finding (and especially shocking one) is the apparent discovery that in fact, our long held belief of weight being a simple equation of “calories in versus calories out” is wrong.  That if one wishes to lose weight, all they need do is cut calories to less than what they are burning and viola, weight will be lost.  This is a fallacy.

If it were true, if this were ever an accurate equation, how then do we account for groups of people who live below poverty levels, can hardly afford to feed themselves, and yet are overweight?  This is not an infrequent occurrence.  If it were a simple explanation of calories in versus calories burned, these people would all be thin.  Thus, the explanation isn’t in the number of calories they are ingesting but instead, what specifically is on their plates.

Significant findings reveal that weight either gained or lost has little bearing on caloric intake and instead hinges on what foods we are specifically eating. 

For a great read that lays out this research in detail (though there are loads of other books which boost the same research), check out: Why we get fat and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes.


wheat belly

In tune with the above point, that what we put on our plates is crucial to both our health and the determining of our weight, there has recently been uncovered a sobering and much needed correction with regards to our cultures long held belief of grains as a “heart healthy” and crucial part of one’s daily dietThis book turns that notion on its head (though there are other books that sing a similar tune).

Check it out to learn how grains make us fat, age us considerably, cause neurological issues, and more health havoc.  And how on the cutting out grains, a significant number of people saw a decrease and even ceasing of numerous health issues in their life.  Wheat Belly” by Dr. William Davis.


paleo manifesto

Whether you decide on considering or attempting Paleo or not, this is a worthwhile pondering.  The Paleo diet, introducing ideas contrary to what we have believed to be true about certain foods for years, such as the fact that grains cause gut inflammation in over 80% of people, and that dairy causes the same in over 20%.

That ultimately, to have our best body, as well as optimal health, to feel energetic and great, it makes sense that one should strive towards eating the way humans were originally intend to eat (hint: this looks nothing like how we eat today).  The Paleo Manifesto” by John Durant.


sugar blues

By now, it isn’t news to many that sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies and health.  There are boatloads of books now attesting to the research of such.  A great read among the crowd is: Sugar Blues” by William Duffy.  This is the first book I ever read on the topic, and one that left my jaw on the floor, dessert devotee that I am.


everyday detox

For a health conscious cookbook with easy recipes geared towards decreasing inflammation of the body, retaining one’s optimal weight, and enjoying utmost taste, check out:Everyday Detox: 100 Easy Recipes to Remove Toxins, Promote Gut Health, and Lose Weight Naturally” by Megan Gilmore.


deliciously ella (as well as her cookbook).  This cookbook (and website) is geared towards recipes that are plant based and vegan, while not sacrificing in taste or appeal.


Important note: while not officially (by means of having a degree) a health professional, I studied Nutritional Science for a couple years in college.  Armed with a degree in Communications (and concentrations in health and psychology), I continue to be an avid and impassioned seeker of health knowledge.  Ever reading and writing about such, continually open to learning new insights and further novel revelations as the health landscape continues to shift and change, constantly seeking new knowledge and learning regarding health.  So despite lack of an official degree, I have much knowledge with regards to health, and am ever taking in more.

I’ve read upwards of a couple dozen health books, completed numerous classes throughout college related to anatomy and nutrition, have taken personal training workshops, as well as cooking classes.  I’ve listened to TED talks and podcasts, as well as read articles online.  I am enamored by and perpetually seeking with regards to the topic of all things health.

Every day, we (as a society) are discovering new things about health and nutrition.  Some of which are absolutely contrary to things we have believed to be true about health for a long time.  However, just because something is new, jarring, and/or contradictory does not mean one should avoid or discredit it automatically.  On the contrary.  All the more reason to be curious and read further.

Thus, these books feel relatively on par with what seems likely to inspire one towards optimal health.  These were a handful that stood out among the pack.

And of course, I have to mention: where you are now!  Sweet. Raw. Free. –  with eye-catching photos and healthful (as well as easy to make) recipes all falling into one (or more) of the following categories of gluten/grain free, lactose free, sugar free, or raw.  From pancakes, to quinoa bowls, pasta dishes, and all manner of desserts, this site is likely to have something appealing to everyone.

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