Mouthwatering Matcha Tiramisu

Hi all,

For column #3 of Brooke and Maxxs Culinary Crafts, we decided something with Matcha to be striking our sweet tooth fancy this week.  Deliberating between Matcha chocolate bark, Matcha brownies, or this green tea twist on Tiramisu, we went with the latter.

This dessert doesn’t use refined sugar, though it does have coconut sugar.  So technically its outside the perimeters of the Sweet. Raw. Free. concept, but its well worth the cheat.  This dessert takes minutes to whip up (the waiting required afterwards is the hard part, requiring the two of us nearly sitting on our hands in anticipation).  Just a hint of sweetness coupled nicely with the subtly bitter green tea taste, the cream is light and airy, the lady fingers spongy and moist.  Making for a dang good dessert, dangerously easy to inhale.


Lady Finger cookies (one package)

2 egg yolks

1/3 cup coconut/palm sugar

About 6 ounces of whipped cream cheese

About 4 ounces of mascarpone cheese

3/4 cup of heavy cream (for whipping)

2-3 tablespoons of Matcha powder

For Matcha Syrup

3/4 cup of water

1/2 cup of coconut sugar

1 tablespoon of Matcha

IMG_2468 (2)

To start, make the syrup:

  1. Bring the water and coconut sugar to a boil in a saucepan over medium heat.  Remove from heat as soon as its begun boiling, being careful not to let it burn.  Stir in the tablespoon of Matcha powder.  Set aside the finished syrup for now, ideally in a cool/cold locale to bring down the temperature a bit.

Now, onto making the Matcha cream:

  1. Beat the heavy cream on medium high, using an electric hand beater or a stand mixer for 4-6 minutes ish, until peaks begin forming and the texture becomes like a whipped cream.  This can take a while, but it will happen.  Just be patient.
  2. Turn speed down to medium and add in mascarpone, whipped cream cheese, egg yolks, and coconut sugar.
  3. Beat for another minute or two.  When finished, it should resemble a somewhat thick, whipped cream.
  4. Stop beating once it seems to have reached this consistency.  Then stir in the Matcha powder with a spoon.
  5. In a square baking dish, spread a thin layer of the Matcha cream on the bottom.  Then top with a single layer of lady finger cookies.  On top of the lady fingers, spoon half of the now semi cooled off Matcha syrup, taking care to somewhat evenly distribute the syrup over all the cookies.  Now add a thick layer of the Matcha cream.  Spread evenly smoothed over the cookies.  Now, top the cream with another layer of lady finger cookies.  Add the other half of the Matcha syrup onto the top of the lady finger cookies.
  6. Finish the tiramisu off with the rest of the Matcha cream.  Sprinkle with a bit of Matcha powder on top for an eye catching finish.
  7. Now the hard part.  Put the finished tiramisu, covered, into the fridge.  Wait at least 4 hours, though ideally 6-8, before serving/eating.  This is necessary for the lady finger cookies to moisten into a cakey, soft texture.

IMG_2471 (2)

Enjoy 😀

The tiramisu will stay scrumptious for 3-4 days.  Keep in the fridge in a covered container.  This recipe serves 6-10 people, depending on how hungry everyone is, and just how severe of a sweet tooth those in attendance might have 😉


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