Get your Glow On Potato Boats

Hi all,

Ready to get your glow on with these sweet, delicious, childhood nostalgic treats?  Plant based and loaded with filling, glow-inducing ingredients, along with just 5 minutes to make, you cannot go wrong with these guys.  They taste like a dessert but are GREAT for you!


Ingredients needed

-1 sweet potato

-1-2 spoonful’s of sunflower butter (PBs better-for-you cousin)

-1 banana, sliced


  1. To cook the sweet potato, pierce holes throughout the surface using a fork.  Pop in the microwave for 5-6 minutes.  If the fork goes into the potato easily after microwaving, its done.  If you get some pushback and its difficult to insert the fork, microwave for 2-4 more minutes (depending on the size.  Larger potatoes take longer).
  2. Once the fork goes in easily, your potato is ready to rock and roll.
  3. Slice open down the center (I leave the skin on because its AWESOME for you and tastes just as good, but if you prefer, peel the potato first, before cooking).
  4. Toss the sliced banana in the middle, smear some sunflower butter down the center and sprinkle cinnamon all over the ensemble.
  5. Enjoy!!!

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